Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Around here... #musicinthepark

In the six years we have lived here -- which just struck me as being a long time! -- we have never made it to Music in the Park. All summer, every Thursday, local artists perform down by the river in the park. It's always sounded lovely to me. And such a true taste of Eau Claire.

Tonight was my first time. "And it was real, and it was great, and it was really great." It's wonderful how the city unloads, there's not a single parking space for a mile in any direction, and everyone just comes together to soak in summer. 

Kids dance and play and hula hoop near the band. Bikes and dogs and lawn chairs. Families, friends, people just walking by... Enjoying a June evening on the grass wrapped up in melodies.

I pride myself on being a tidy eater but when handed a drippy ice cream cone I had no chance. And I didn't sweat it. Childhood summers at the pool, walking down the hot sidewalk, catching fireflies.. All of this seemed kin to that drippy ice cream cone and it made the mess sweet.

I just don't know how it gets better than this -- sharing a blanket with precious friends, feet bare, sticky fingers, new favorite sundress, and a fiddle ringing out over the river valley. #thisissummer

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