Monday, July 22, 2013

This is my Neighbor //

I need to see need. 

I'm passionate about advocacy for vulnerable children. It's gets me on my feet. Sharing the Lord's heart for His little ones gets me in front of crowds though I'm naturally shy. I'm moved to respond, respond with my best. Yet, so often I forget to care.

I don't see starving children. I don't see anyone who lacks clean water. I don't see naked children wandering the streets in need of care. I don't know anyone who has zero access to medical care. I don't know any kids who will be denied an education. The only orphans I know are being cared for well or have already been adopted and aren't orphans anymore. 

I have a friend named Belay who was born in Ethiopia. His mother was killed when he was young and his father was later imprisoned on false accusations leaving him and his five brothers all alone. Poorer than poor they didn't have anyone to care for them, to feed them, to clothe them. And I didn't know. I didn't see it. If I'd known that my friend was in such desperate need do you think I would have stood by and done nothing? If someone I love is in desperate need I'm willing to empty my life's savings for them. Belay and his brothers were taken to an orphanage, their photos and information were taken and somewhere in the States their sponsorship packets were put out. Being sponsored changed Belay's life. 

Belay and my other dear friends who tour with His Little Feet children's choir
(With HLF he is called "Uncle Ben"!)

$35 a month will sponsor a child. That's $1.17 per day. If your niece was left homeless and alone would it be worth a dollar to you to have her fed? How about clothed? What about housed and educated and given medical care? How about having Jesus' love shared with and ministered to her? Is it worth $1.17 to you to have her cared for like that just for today? Would you be willing to pay that again tomorrow for the same care? How about the day after that?

"I don't know what $35 will do for you this month, but it will change a child's life." 
// anonymous 

Here's the challenge. Begin to shift your perspective. Take note of the luxuries (anything other than a basic need for survival) that you spend $1.17 or more on each day. Share it on social media to help spread the perspective change. Explain why $1.17 is a significant amount and use the hash tag #ineedtoseeneed

Allow The Lord to convict your heart about how you spend what you have. Lets begin to give of our excess, give generously, give of our best! Allow $1.17 to become the constant reminder of the need we do not see before us. I have $1.17 in excess everyday. I bet you do too.
So here's the secondary challenge. Sponsor a child. Maybe that means you don't buy a new pair of jeans that you "need" this month, you don't buy an iced mochas every other day next month, and you don't get guac on your burrito anymore. Once you know what the luxuries are that you regularly indulge in, start weeding them out and begin to use those funds to truly change a life instead. Let's live simply so others can simply live.
Join the movement!

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