Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tell Your Story!

"William used to spend hours every day walking for miles to get clean water. Now, because of Blood:Water Mission, he spends that time focusing on his education and future. There are millions of Williams.

Most of them have yet to experience the gifts that clean water can bring.
The heart of this Couch Rebels project has nothing to do with getting published, getting paid, or stroking our own egos.

The heart of this project is and always has been the cause it is built on: Provide clean water for 45,000 people for a full year.

35 more stories between now and July 20th will give us enough great content to publish a great book — A book worthy of honoring and aiding the Williams of the world. 
There’s no excuse for storytellers not to get involved. We have a team of ghostwriters in place, ready to write their stories for them."

// written by Griff Hanning, CausePub Founder

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