Thursday, October 29, 2015

Love, Me | 1.

Baby girl,

I love you.

Im attached to you. I find pleasure in you.
And nothing you can do will change those truths.

This (love for, attachment to, pleasure in) you compels Me to actions:
I cant help but draw near,
cant help but sing over you,
cant help but give all of Myself to you,
cant help but reveal My heart to you,
cant help but share My plans with you,
cant help but be where you are.

Love compels to action.
I SO LOVED >> that << I GAVE.

Giving My Son was extravagant measure to go to just to be free to draw you to Myself again, to bring you into My presence, but it was merely the PRE-gift. I had to reconcile you to Myself through My Son SO THAT I could give you My Spirit. I wanted you to know Me intimately, to experience My love everyday, to know what I think of & toward you at any moment, to taste and see My goodness here on the earth as it is in heaven, to abide in My love.

As you live right here, camped in this Love, at My feet, in My presence, abiding with My Spirit in everything you do and say and think, youre renewing your mind to operate in the reality of your freedom (sound mind) + identity (love) + authority (power). Youre training your eyes on Mine.

Stable in My love, locked onto My unending gaze of pleasure with you, you respond properly to the world. Circumstances dont have to be right or good in order for you to KNOW that I am pleased with you, that Im attached to you, that Im for you, that I am yours.

When favor is seen + experienced, when seas part, when provision falls, when supplies dont run out, when bonds are broken, when increase is harvested it stirs up your wonder and you celebrate with everyone the public display of My love for you. This is right and lovely! But your heart doesnt NEED these times to know its loved by Me. (Though they will always come because I cant help but give good things to you!)

When youre out of food and dont know where youll get your next meal, your heart doesnt panic or become discouraged, it continues rejoicing in Love because it rests in hope. Not the hope that it will be given food soon, but the hope that I am who I say I AM and that Im yours. You have food to eat that the world doesnt know about. Your soul is delighted and sustained by one glance of My eyes -- beholding the never ending reality of My love -- in secret at any moment of the night or day, far more than it ever is by "big moments" of rescue or provision.

I love you
& you KNOW it.

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