Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Qualified //

Are we only going to move when it's recognized by others? Are we only willing to live missionally when we're going on a missions trip, when people can pat us on the back for it and make us feel legit, instead of letting Holy Spirit be our legitimacy and live on mission everywhere? The lip service of men is an unstable foundation but the authority of Jesus-in-you is a solid one. If you only move when men recognize your actions then you'll fail to move with Holy Spirit in His missions when no one is looking or when men think what you're doing is crazy or when they are unimpressed. Who's voice determines your identity? 
I can walk with authority (in any country or business or school, etc), share love, testify to life found in Jesus, heal, disciple, bless, release, etc. not because it's my vocation to do so -- that I'm employed by an earthly master to do this and was trained or equipped or qualified by a program or organization -- but because it's my right as a daughter of God, it flows directly out of my new nature and identity in Him. I was [re]born for this!!! 

So I may NEVER be called a missionary (identity), never have a sending church (legitimacy or qualification), or a team of financial supporters (recognition and equipping). That doesn't matter because I know who, or, rather,  Whose, I am and in Him I have everything. Identity: I am Gods daughter so missionary is part of who I am by NATURE. Legitimacy or qualification: Christ in me, the Holy Spirit (which every baptized -- dead TO sin and raised to life IN Him -- believer has in them), the hope of glory... The way heavens kingdom is established on earth... Everything needed for life (which includes mission) and godliness. Recognition or equipping: Daddy God is Provider and He is with me always, as in never away from me. My hope is in Him, not in the provision themselves. If we wait to believe who He is until we see the provision our hope is shakeable, but if our hope is in Who He is we can walk forward unshaken before the provision even comes. 

Believer, brother/sister, if you're waiting for qualification, youve got it. That was done 2,000 years ago and released to you when you believed and received. If you're waiting to FEEL qualified, you just have to accept that it's true that you are qualified by the finished work of Jesus (reconciliation to the Father and the abiding of His Spirit in you) and walk forward in that renewed mindset, that correct perspective.
Lets go set captives free!

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