Sunday, May 1, 2016

Nina's in St Paul, MN //

After an overnight greyhound bus from Milwaukee to Minneapolis/St Paul, and with a whole day ahead of us before our 5pm flight to Phoenix, we set off, suitcase and guitar in tow, to find a cafe. Luke lived in the cities for a handful of years and had several places in mind to take me to. As it was Easter Sunday most places were closed. A little tram ride and an up-hill walk away, in a little corner of St Paul, Nina's was totally open. It was super cozy and welcoming. We actually were asked to perform there sometime by the manager upon her hearing that we do music. We played one song for the cafe, from a table by the door, before the manager left for the day. She gifted us with two granola bars for our travels. Little things like that are actually big gifts, arent they? We worked on projects and listened to music together. I fell asleep on Luke's shoulder for a little while. We were approached by an elderly gentleman, on his way out, who told Luke he was a good husband to me and, bearing in mind that he only gets one woman to spend his life with, to spend it fully on loving well.

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