Sunday, May 1, 2016

BE coffee + food + stuff in Phoenix, AZ //

Luke and I had met a man working at a store in the mall who told us that there was one stretch of road in Phoenix where there were tons of great coffee shops and places to hang out. We went to check it out straight away. With a little Google search Luke found this place: BE coffee, food, stuff. We settled in there for hours. It was part coffee shop, part art gallery, part greenhouse, and part rentable office spaces. Unique and homey and very much our style.

While I was first scouting the place and taking photos, Luke was ordering recommended drinks and amazing menu items for us. He ended up sitting down near a man and striking up a conversation with him about the coffee shop. The man didnt come out and say it right away but it turned out that he owned the building and in the back gallery space he had a display of his work up -- something he hadnt done in a long time. He invited Luke and I to come back and see it before they took it down. We gladly accepted.

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