Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Following the Servant Leader //

PLOT TWIST: As of one week ago, Luke and I are moving to Minneapolis, MN instead of Brooklyn, NY.
Remember, we havent known much, only that we had to move and that Jesus had that covered. He likes to co-create with us and the fact that we have dreams of living in California and New York someday is as much Him dreaming with us as it is us dreaming with Him. We had enough peace with Brooklyn as our heading to really go for it. We got a lot of detail-rich vision for what lifestyle would look like for us in the coming season and new city. There was also a lot of double and triple checking with each other that this was really what we had peace about doing -- because neither of us had a resounding peace yet. We looked for two-bedroom apartments believing God could make a way for us to afford that (it fit with the vision He had revealed to us). Nothing seemed quite right though. Not that nothing fit our taste or was "too ______" for us, we just had no peace about any place. In fact we didnt have peace about looking for or finding a place out there. Basically Daddy God reminded us not to think that we knew how long we'd be there for and that a lease, even a month-long sublet, may not be His plan. All along we'd been becoming less and less clear on what New York would look like, counting the cost of really going anyway, and welcoming God to totally blow up any plan we thought we had to do what He wanted to do.

Meanwhile we've been learning how to pray. Luke says, "Dont pray a prayer unless youre willing to be the answer to it." The same heart, different words, is: Pray the wild prayers, and be willing to become the answer to them. We've seen the purpose on our friend Blake's life. The man is anointed for business, along with a number of other beautiful and brilliant things. Luke and I have prayed multiple times over and for him regarding an endeavor of his with kombucha. We've been cheerleading for him in it -- but thats just a reflection of Daddy God's advocacy of it. You may see where this is going. (Its not about being able or not able to see it coming, its about walking in perfect peace and perfect timing -- then you know what you need to know when you need to know it.)

credit: Fresh Vision Freelance

Monday morning, 3:30am, Luke and I were on the road. We had a four hour drive and during it Luke began to vision cast something coming to the surface of his heart regarding Minneapolis. This wasnt random. About a week into our heading with Brooklyn I, out of "nowhere" (read: Heaven's divine mysteries revealed), thought of Minneapolis and remember asking Luke, "Could you see us living there?" Sure he could. He had lived there before. His incredible community there had become mine as well. The partnerships and fellowship and discipleship are unparalleled. He didnt push it forward though, he left it sitting with me. In my heart's eye I could see that it would either be New York or Minneapolis. I was open to it. However we already had a heading we were going with and it wasnt being shut down so I had more peace about seeing that through to whatever point Daddy God had. Long story short, we did. And here we are: long car ride, Luke's vision, the seed of Minneapolis instead of NYC planted in me weeks before. Luke and I had a lot of alone time that day, after the drive, and while I was by myself I got a sweet download from Daddy God in my spirit. Bit by bit He wove together all the vision He'd given for our upcoming season with the momentum He had established for us in the Twin Cities. I told Luke about it. He was absolutely in. There was much to it but what I opened with was, "I think we're to be the answer to our prayers for helping hands for Blake." You know, if Holy Spirit wanted to head us toward New York, revealing a depth of surrender and humility and faithfulness in us previously untapped, just so that He could lead us to the hilarious generosity of literally dropping all of that on a dime in order that we might go and lay our lives down for our brother, championing him with Heaven in the fullest way possible -- yay, God!

credit: Ryan Lucas

As the vision manifests and pieces divinely fall into place in the coming weeks it will be shared. What God is doing is always praise-worthy and glorious and edifies the Body. He is a master of details, an amazingly good Father, and whimsically inclined Author. Right now we're all about: Christ alone, enjoying the journey -- of telling a story or starting a business or remodeling a building or being unified in marriage or growing a baby, and deep unity (see John 14-16).

this is just the beginning.

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