Friday, May 9, 2014


I get lost sometimes, like everybody else,
Lose track of my lifelines, lose track of myself
And there's all kinds of reasons to be scared and run away
It's a good time for sad times 
Like heaven couldn't be farther from the places that heaven always finds me,
but if nobody cares, tell me how is it I keep getting saved this way

It's a sunrise from a lonely night
Like a smile in a stranger's eyes
It's the moments that save my life, nobody knows about
Like flashlights
There's just enough hope when it shines, to go one scared step at a time
When the world's too dark I'll find, your flashlight

I'm glad nobody's counting, and Lord I'm glad you don't keep score
My prayers are all the same as the ones I prayed before it
Thank you, forgive me, my rough around the edges heart is Yours
And the moments where you swear I'm just screaming at the sky,
It's the strangest conversation or a friend just stopping by
and it's funny when I realize all the places that Your miracles can hide


Oh, who am I?
Dust and water
Touched by the Divine
Tell me who, who am I?
You keep shining on me, shining on me, yeah
Shining on me

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