Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goal setting... // Day Three, Four and Five

Day Three // Happy Moments in Your Life

images gathered from Pinterest

time by the lake // traveling with Dad // family dinners // long walks through fields // 
caring for children // among books // getting my puppy // photographing my world // long drives // 
shopping and coffee dates with Mom // time with my siblings // time with dear friends // 
listening to music and singing along // getting dressed up // having people out to the Farm to enjoy our blessings with us //

Day Four // Five-Year Goals

images gathered from Pinterest

making enough income for a new car and a house, travel and all my bills // working out while listening to good teaching // taking long walks with my husband // cooking healthy meals and cutting out most sugar // read two books a month, one aloud to my kids at night and one just for me // learning to play an instrument // taking two trips a year, one to a lake with my husband, the other altogether as a family // cook and eat together // hug lots // smile lots // correct gently // memorize one verse every two weeks // adoption and missions trips as He bids me go // share my heart through writing and speaking and images // host friends for dinner and fellowship at least once a month // spend time with lonely people // share our blessings (especially our fresh country air and wide open land)

Day Five // Analyzing You

Prone to... find quiet places, get tasks accomplished, over-analyze, travel, capture beauty on camera, process through writing, lose track of time reading or designing something, pioneer plans, take the lead, be decisive, go on long walks alone, spend one-on-one time with friends, dream big, breathe more freely in rural settings, stand back an observe, recognize beauty, listen.
Dream of... moving ordinary people to care for the least, being a good momma, being a valuable wife, owning an estate with lots of land, managing a staff and a household, leveraging many assets to care for others, adopting, using my influence, encouraging and blessings friends and family in abundance, raising children that love to learn and work and care for others, sharing the beauty I see and the things that are put on my heart.

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