Thursday, January 3, 2013

The technical side... // Days Six, Seven and Eight

Day Six // Resume

Defining areas of competence in a clean but eye-catching way. Done! (Feel free to copy the design for your own resume!)

Day Seven // What do you have to offer

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In an age of increasing use of technology both to accomplish tasks and to connect with each other, there is a loss of personal touch. Giving people a reason to get together and interact face-to-face is going to be important. Give them something to share, a place to love meeting, an experience to have together. That is where I come in! Keeping that personal touch in people's lives through writing, speaking, photography -- sharing hearts and stories.

Day Eight // People Skills

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How you answer questions, show etiquette, what your body language and attire says, how much your tone of voice matters, and the words you use... these all speak volumes about your confidence, respectfulness, general behavior, and whether or not your presence would be a pleasant addition to a group or a regret. These things matter at home, at the check-out counter in Target, at church, in a job interview, and among peers. Don't fret if you have some polishing up to do -- Eye contact, a smile and a firm hand shake work wonders!

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