Monday, January 14, 2013

Putting your money where your mouth is

If you know me you know that I am passionate about advocating for the least, leveraging my resources to give, and that I am motivated to do so by love.
Whether it is through awareness raising (there are SO many ways to do that!!), going to the least and coming home with stories to share, or using your money to serve (there are SO many ways to do that, too!!), through public speaking or silent prayers (never ever underestimate those, they are essential!!), whether it is part of your job or something you fill volunteer hours with -- advocacy makes a difference.

Lets talk money for a minute. I am a young woman with a low yearly income but also minimal expenses. I got a credit card two years ago to develop good credit. Not wanting to treat it as free money, I was very stingy with my use of it at first. However, the way you develop good credit is by using it and then paying it off. If I had to use it every month anyway I figured I would spend as much as I knew I could pay off each month. If I was going to be spending that money I wanted to spend it on something that mattered, something bigger than me. I changed my World Vision account to use my credit card to sponsor Khushi, the little girl in India I sponsor. It was super convenient to not have to worry about having enough in my bank account on the withdraw date of the sponsorship. I decided soon after that switch that I would sponsor another child, this time through Gospel for Asia, with the money I had to spend on my credit card. About a year later I added an IJM freedom partner monthly gift to my credit card. Until just this week I have been spending the rest of the amount of credit I use per month on gas for my car. This week I began sponsoring the work of the Justice Rescue Project in Haiti and now spend the total amount I want to per month all in giving! I never exceed my credit limit and I always spend enough to make good credit but never more than I can pay off. It's perfect.

If you find that you have resources you could be using to give and want to talk with someone about options, feel free to e-mail me! I love to share what I know about giving and empowering others to give!

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  1. That's awesome.... To change the world we have to live different. You are well on your way! Diane