Friday, January 18, 2013

What I Wore // Noonday, Wear Love & 147 Million Orphans

Featuring McCall // 

McCall, why do you wear what you wear?
There are so many great, affordable, fashion-friendly items out there that help others. As women, our purchases can have the power to do something good and good is something I like doing, which is why I became a Noonday Ambassador. This gives me a chance to not only fill my wardrobe with treasures from around the world, it also gives me an opportunity to share with others about the many injustices occurring all around us, and how we as women and as Christians are called to do whatever we can to help right these wrongs. The answer may be something as simple as purchasing an item we'd want  to purchase anyway!

Necklace - Noonday Collection // Metal Bracelet - Noonday Collection // Black Bracelet - 147 Million Orphans // Cardigan - TJ Max // Shirt - Wear Love // Jeans - thrifted

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