Monday, February 4, 2013

The heart of the girl, the girl after His heart

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Born of a story-teller and a country girl, raised by a photographer and a reader, taught by a businessman and a homemaker. A simple nobody who held herself with the confidence and grace of nobility. Never more at home than when wandering through nature with her dog, sitting quietly to observe her beloved friends, nestled on the couch with her close family or leading groups and individuals into the deeper places of the Lord's heart. As nostalgic as an old woman, as bright-eyed as a young bride, as big a dreamer as a little girl, and as steady as a mother of many.
Her resistance to change was displayed by her two week delay of being born. Mature for her age from the day of delivery, she was named Chelsea Anne because it rang with the warmth of southern hospitality. Brought home from the hospital to the dense woods of the midwest, her toddler years were shaped by the tenderness and security of a friendly, always-summer small town. Her little family finished growing as they moved to the isolated land of a thousand lakes and never-ending winters, where she grew into a young woman. At the delicate age of fifteen, she and her wandering family came to rest in the rolling hills of Wisconsin's dairyland. There she blossomed into a shining, elegant, and stubborn wildflower. Innocent and knowledgable, shy but strong-minded she set out to grow into the big dreams she had spent her childhood perfecting. Half a year under the watchful eye of the marvelous, dark blue mountains of the west began the growing process. Two quiet years back home on the farm, interspersed with short spurts of globe-trotting, anchored the work that had begun in her heart. As the age of adulthood approached the unassuming lady went out to meet the world. The world could never have imagined it would be rocked by a little person such as she, but that was because it didn't realize that she bore the nobility and authority of heaven and was in fact the King's daughter, an ambassador of love. Frail and flawed herself she was the perfect one to send. She treasured people for their little details, their pasts and their seeming imperfections. She looked out at the broken, hurting, dark and depraved world and she saw hope, beauty, joy. It wasn't wishful thinking, it was the light of what could be if the proper seeds were sown in the proper hearts at the proper times and nurtured until they had grown. One smile at a time, one out-reached hand up at a time, one sacrificed moment at a time she meant to sow those seeds. Little Chelsea Anne was determined to see love grow and people everywhere to know her dear Father, worthy King and Faithful Lover.

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