Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Next Step store + The Justice Rescue Project

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the haiti letters // number four
annie wesche, october 2012
"My dear friends, I want to walk you inside the gates of a horrifying compound. A property where just over fifty small children are held under the facade that such a place is actually an orphanage. In truth, the man who runs the operation holds these children as his private collection with which to woo in the dollars of well-meaning people who have no idea of the true corruption and abuse that is behind this man's smiles and pleas for help. The children are in bondage to a false advocate, a man who calls himself a pastor and yet wears this title to exploit the suffering of children for his own selfish gain. He is not operating legally. And yet many of these boys and girls have been in this prison for over six years. ..." 

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Annie is serving at a children's home in Haiti. After uncovering this corrupt orphanage she and others have been laboring to set the little ones free. They created the Justice Rescue Project to give updates on the children that are rescued, ask for specific prayer, and raise funds to get the children out of bondage and into a safe and loving home. I want to do my part for these little ones. Aside from prayer, I have decided to give all the profits made from The Next Step store in the month of February to further their cause. 
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During the month of love, show your heart for the least with every purchase!

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