Friday, February 15, 2013

The Way I Loved You // intentionally

Dad was ready for the day, he could have jut headed out the door with a simple kiss on my forehead but he pulled out a kitchens stool and spent time with me while I made breakfast. The kids came down and got time with dad which they never get, and which altered their attitudes for the day. Intentionality made our morning special.

We were siting on the couch together, I was keeping the kids on task with school. Aidan was asking silly questions and making up songs and trying to procrastinate. It gets to the point where I begin to tune it out. He started to say my name and ask me another question. I looked over, made eye contact and had a look on my face that suggested he better have something real to ask. As I looked at him though, my expression softened as it hit me that the past two years of his life, while mom and dad have worked everyday, I've been the eyes he gets to look into when he's searching for help and support and care. I love him all the time but to show it takes intentionality. So today I'm living with more intention, tuning in when I would usually tune out...

... And that's the way I loved you.

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