Monday, April 22, 2013

The way I loved you //

You said that it was easier to focus on math when you listened to music the other day... So today when you started math I played music. We both know that a lack of communication is often what causes us to act out... So today we dialogued once again about lack of respect and the importance of immediate obedience. When we went grocery shopping the other day you said we go through cereal fast and I said its because you eat it instead of what's cooked for you... So today when I made something you didn't think you'd like, you said you'd eat it just the way I made it, and we celebrated that.

These are little, tiny moments that could pass by unnoticed, but often they would never happen at all if it weren't for intentional laying aside of one's own desires for the good of another.
And that's the way I want to love you all the time.

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