Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hope Spoken >> take aways

I'm not going to elaborate, I'm just going to state the things being sealed on my heart by the Spirit. If you've come by for a cup of sugar, please, take all you need! I'd be happy to talk more about any of these points with you.

Behold Me. 
+ drink deeply of My love

Finding identity in His Favor & Freedom.

Graciously and firmly instructed: Travel light.

Your weakness is your strength.

Variety in the Body is full of purpose -- marvelous, marvelous purpose.

People Matter. The "one" matters.

Our brokenness is redeemed, worked together for our good; suffering is a blessing given by the Giver of Good, a mercy lavished to provide the true Comfort we long for. Having my eyes opened to this, never before has my uncomely King looked more majestic, never before have I been so in love.

How beautiful are the 
blistered and dirt-caked feet 
of those who bring the Good News 
of hope.

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