Friday, April 11, 2014

This time I thought...

"A woman from our church moved her trailer house home recently from South Dakota after things fell through for her out there. It was the middle of the winter though and her pipes were frozen over so she didn't have any water. She had been sneaking into the college to shower for work and carrying a bucket of water from her parents' house back once a week to the trailer to flush her toilet with. She's in the church choir and someone there heard she didn't have water and when Pawpaw heard, he told me. Usually we hear about someone's hard situation and just say, 'Oh, how terrible.' but this time I thought, 'Let's do something about it!' She has to drive right past our house each day to go to work so we invited her to stop by and shower here. She's been coming over every morning for breakfast and a shower for six weeks now. Her pipes will thaw on their own eventually of course but naturally she'd like to have running water sooner rather than later. Pawpaw has been out at her places with some other fellows working to thaw them out and get everything hooked back up properly for a few weeks. We want her to be able to be back at her house, although I'll miss having her come by very much. It's been such a nice change. It's usually just Pawpaw and I at the house and having her in our lives has given us purpose. She's really been blessing us. Our friendship and conversation, the way she has sacrificed silently because she wants to share what she has with us, she even brought me cupcakes for my birthday!"

"I'm so proud of you guys! It should be normal for us to reach out and care each other. When we get outside of ourselves and make relationship with other people then we get to know their needs and care for each other naturally like that."

This was a conversation I had with my Mammy (grandma) when I got together with her for lunch spontaneously. You're never too old to begin to reach outside of yourself and love on people.

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