Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the New Jersey nest

I'm an artist and a lover of story.
The art of home, the story of a space, is special to me.
Here you can see the process I took to literally make a single family home near a train track my very own Little House. I find myself transforming spaces wherever I go. Revealing the potential for beauty that a space holds makes me come alive. An eye for design, the challenge of limitations (whether of space or budget or no permission to hang art), a visionary mind and the practice of improvising. I love this work.

In New Jersey my space was a furnished guest bedroom. 

I've lived in some very small bedrooms, small as in smaller-than-your-8x10-closet, literally, so this room felt luxurious in it's size alone (not to mention the full wall of closet space!). Not wanting to make any nail holes in the wall but still wanting to display my art called for improvisation. 

in progress // move-in day

I like things to look more minimalist so this room was a challenge in making tasteful groupings, fitting a lot of pieces onto limited surfaces without it looking cluttered and chaotic. It was a real test for me but I enjoyed it. Like being in art class, forced to try techniques you aren't inclined toward but that you walk away with an appreciation for.

Side note: Is it just me or does the way the light comes in the windows in your space play a huge role in the sense of home you feel there? I can still remember how the light came in dozens of places I've called "home" over the years. I develop a special love for how shadows fall in a room at certain hours of the day. Natural lighting is the crowning element to any space, for me.

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