Monday, October 15, 2012

Books-a-Million vs Sevenly

I can lose track of time in a book store. I like to collect books I'd like to read and carry them around while I keep browsing or pile them around me where I sit down (my apologies to the employee that has to put them all back). I was in Books-a-Million doing some serious unwinding (and thus some serious book collecting) today. After I had sat and looked through and read snippets from each of the books I had gathered I made various piles to help me determine which, if any, I would buy. I had settled on two that I was really interested in and made economical sense to buy. Meanwhile it came to mind that it was Monday which means that had announced this weeks cause and limited edition tees. Naturally, I opened my browser on my iPhone and checked it out. This week the proceeds from each shirt sold will feed 21 kids who are starving in Kenya. "That's awesome!" I thought and was about to go back to my book sorting and completely forget to care about it when I was struck by my indifference. There in that moment I, who's life-hardship at present is having too many books for the minimum shelf space I have, was justifying the spending of a little money (that is truly the Lord's anyway) on something I didn't need at all when I had the opportunity and choice to use that money to feed 21 kids who are in desperate need of food. Ouch! Imagine if those 21 kids were mine, I was watching them starve and I only had $30. Do you think I would go out and buy a few more books? No way! I would buy them food. I would sell all of my other books to feed them too!
It's easy to start to feel like giving $30 is just a drop in the bucket and it won't make a difference for those in need. That's easy to think when we spend pocket change on a hamburger or a DVD. However our "pocket change" is ten times the amount poor families LIVE ON per day ($1). The fact is that little choices lead to big change.
"If you can't feed a hundred people, just feed one." // mother theresa
There in the midst of a pile of books, making the choice to spend money the Lord has given me on caring for His children instead of spending it on my fleeting enjoyment... That is leading to a big change of perspective in me and a big change in the lives of 21 precious children (that change being a chance for survival).
I'm not going to stop buying books but today in the battle of BAM vs Sevenly, Sevenly won. And I am glad.

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