Monday, October 29, 2012

Happier giving or spending? Does it have to be a choice?

"What a foolish, frivolous person I must be," she sighed. "I'm wholesomely ashamed to think that a dress... Even if it is a forget-me-not organdy... Should exhilarate me so, when a good conscience and an extra contribution to Foreign Missions couldn't do it."
// Anne of Avonlea

It's just the truth isn't it? No matter how aware or moved we are by the accounts of others in the world who live with less than us, giving to charity is not often as exciting as a new edition to our bursting closets or, as in my case, bursting bookshelves. We have the freedom to be frivolous, even if only from time to time, while most in the world do not. Like Anne, we ought to be ashamed of our selfish hearts, but in our day and age we can be exhilarated by something new for ourselves while at the same time being excited about giving!
For example, with TOMS shoes (by far my favorite shoes, and I am a shoe girl!), for every pair you buy they donate a pair to a child without any shoes, one for one. FashionABLE scarves are gorgeous and comfortable and they provide income for women in Africa. The acacia necklaces I buy from Visiting Orphans (but you can find on various other sites too) also provide income for women in Africa. Then there is Noonday Collection from which you can buy many beautiful bracelets, wonderfully rustic trays, or this (long desired by me) catch-all purse! And it is all providing jobs for women in several different countries on many different continents who would otherwise live in shame and poverty. {I can't wait for you all to hear more about Noonday in a few weeks. A blogging friend and adoptive momma of two is going to be guest posting about them. Stay tuned or Follow my blog so you don't miss it!}
We really have the best of both worlds. I anticipate the day when I can go for chai with my girlfriends, buy a book or see a movie with my family and have THAT provide support and income for fatherless children and widows around the world! Dream big. It CAN happen. :)


  1. girl if you buy your Chai at the well... you will!!
    this place is new in nashville. haven't been yet. but love it already.

  2. I wish I lived in Nashville! Thanks for sharing, Blair! When I got my hair cut the other day I was thinking it would be awesome to have a hair salon where the profit go toward non-profits. I would love to fund ministry while getting my hair cut. :)