Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting to know you (before the Influence conference) - Part One

{Before I begin let me just say that I'm using the blogger app on my phone to write this from our vacation hotel room so if there are typos and less variation of font size, that is why. Anywho...}

// What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod? //
Apparently I can't check on my phone's iTunes what I listen to the most so I was going to venture a guess... The artists I listened to a lot while driving this summer included: Taylor Swift (just realized this year that I like a lot of her old stuff), Brandon Heath (one of my favorite artists to "default" to), and Frank Sinatra (and lots of his contemporaries on my Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby pandora playlists).
Edited to add: I checked my number of plays on all the songs in my iTunes and discovered that the most played song I have is "River Flow In You" by Yiruma which is an instrumental song. In fact, the top sixteen most played songs are instrumental. The most played song with lyrics is "Great Reward" by Shane and Shane.

// If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be? //
I'm not at liberty to speak about it but there is definitely a project I want to work on next year.

// What story does your family always tell about you? //
Growing up my best friend and I were inseparable. Eating dinner at her house was great, but a little dangerous. The food was always so good but the family conversation was always so hilarious that I was in danger of laughing with food in my mouth and consequently either choking on it or spitting it all over. I finally decided that I was going to learn how to eat and laugh at the same time. And after lots of practice I mastered it!
Then a day came where I was having lunch with my own family and someone said something funny that caught me off guard and a bit of the food in my mouth slipped through my well trained lips and hit my little brother in the forehead.
I have never slipped up like that ANY other time in my life (that I recall) but my family still warns every guest that sits across from me not to make me laugh when I have food in my mouth.

// The best part of waking up is? //
Processing what I dreamed of the night before in the quiet and calm of my room while the sun pours in my window.

// What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? //
My favorite day of the week is Saturday. The one day I can sleep in if I want/need to (I homeschool my siblings during the week) and then do whatever I want to do with a whole day!

See you all again tomorrow!

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  1. ohh have fun on vacation!!! Saturdays are such sweet days I agree! Love those mornings with no agendas, no rush to get anywhere and do what you want. Love that you linked up! Can't wait to meet you at Influence Conf!