Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Of vaccinations and visiting orphans

Last time I got shots I was five years old and, though I was as quiet back then as I am today, I screamed at the top of my lungs when that needle pricked my arm. I was completely freaked out! Having that as my last memory of getting a shot has resulted in quite a build-up of stress as I anticipate getting all the vaccinations I need before heading to India. [I will be there for two weeks with Visiting Orphans starting on November 27th.]
Today was the first round of shots. I wanted to be comfy and relaxed so I wore my sweat-pants and a loose-fitting henley, knowing that the sleeve would have to be pushed up for the shot. Ironically this henley is VO merchandise and has the logo on the front. While I was sitting in the nurse's office and they were trying to distract me by staying in my face and asking lots of questions, they asked why I was going to India. As soon as I said, "To visit orphans" they noticed my shirt and lit up and I was reminded that this trip, or rather the kids I will encounter on it, mean enough to me for me to be pricked with needles and have an achy arm for a few days over the next couple of weeks. So, as I am soothing my aching arm these next few weeks, the pain will serve as a reminder of the Lord's aching heart for the fatherless and I will rejoice in the opportunity I have to be His hands and feet to more than 100 of them in just one month!!