Friday, October 19, 2012

What I Wore // fashionABLE

I am allergic to necklaces. Sad, but true. Even if it is the tiniest piece of metal (for example, the clasp of a necklace) my face and neck are so sensitive that I break out into a nasty rash. Too much info, huh? 
It didn't take long for me to realize that scarves are just as lovely of an accessory, and since I live in a place that most people consider to be "up north", I have plenty of cool months to wear scarves.

Autumn of course is the best. The sun is still warm enough that you don't need a heavy coat or boots but the air is crisp. Perfect sweater and jean weather!

Are you curious yet about the lovely, hand-woven scarf I am wearing? A precious woman in Africa made it and by purchasing it (how could I refuse? It is beautiful!) I helped not only provided her with income but an income made with dignity. She used to have to sell her body to bring in money for her family. Now she gets to do work she can be proud of. Win, win, win!

Wrap-Sweater // Target
Skinny Jeans // Target
Ballet Flats // Target
Blue Scarf // fashionABLE

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